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Evolis (RT5F014NAA) YMCFK Colour Ribbon with UV 400 Images | Avansia


Evolis Avansia YMCFK colour ribbon with UV for enhanced security cards.

Prints 400 images/cards

The highly acclaimed YMCKF ribbon for the Evolis Avansia card printer has been specifically designed to help you combat fraudulent access and stave away plastic card counterfeiters and card forgery. Therefore, this ribbon is ideal for government and corporations requiring highly secure applications such as access control.

A unique Evolis electronic key is provided with each colour ribbon. Simply install the ribbon first and then install the key inside your Avansia card printer.

The YMCFK ribbon consists of a full colour ribbon (YMC) and a black resin (K) with an additional high-security fluorescent (F) panel:


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