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Evolis (RT5F013NAA) YMCKH Colour Ribbon for non-PVC cards | 400 images | Avansia


Evolis Avansia YMCKH colour ribbon for non-PVC cards.

Prints 400 images/cards.

The Evolis YMCKH ribbon is an outstanding solution to meet the needs of printing Photo ID cards, Driving Licenses and more on alternative card substrates.

Printing on Polycarbonate cards enhances the longevity of your cards (typically 5 to 10 years) and often expands your choice of security features.

The Evolis Avansia YMCKH ribbon comprises a full colour ribbon (YMC), a black resin (K) panel and an additional Heat Seal (H) panel:


The Heat Seal (H) panel is a remarkable coating that is applied after the Y, M, C, K panels and enables a perfect transfer even with an uneven card surface.

A unique Evolis electronic key is provided with each colour ribbon. Simply install the ribbon first and then install the key inside your Avansia card printer.

This Evolis ribbon utilises an RFID tag system which recognises the type of ribbon installed in your printer. Without this key, the printer will not print.


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