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30 mil WHITE COMPOSITE Cards | Plus-Card | Priced & Sold p/100 pk

30 mil WHITE COMPOSITE Cards | Plus-Card | Priced & Sold p/100 pk


CR80 Plain WHITE 40% PET & 60% PVC plastic cards for all card printer brands and models.

Shrink-wrapped and sold in multiples of 100. Ready to encode magnetic stripe is bonded to one side.

Multiples of 500 ( 5 x 100pk) are shrink wrapped in 100's and packed in 500 card capacity trays with lids.

Designed for printing Photo ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and more.

These CR80 40% PET materials and 60% PVC cards are 30mil (760 Micron) are the same size and thickness as a credit card (86mm x 54mm). Composite PVC-PET cards are constructed to be stronger and to withstand high heat settings, whether you laminate or print with retransfer ID card printers. Produced to the highest quality ISO specifications, Plus-Card plastic cards are high quality at an price compare envious tag.

Plus-Card is the brand of choice to help protect the life of your card printer and has earned its reputation for high quality plastic cards, stored in wax lined trays and shrink wrapped into packs of 100 to minimise dust contamination and static build up.

Not all Plastic Cards are the same, our customers specifically purchase Plus-Card for quality and consistency of print.


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