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Fargo (84520) YMCIKH Inhibit & Heat Panel Ribbon 450 Image Prints | HDP5600


Fargo 84520 YMCIKH Inhibit & Heat Panel ribbon for HDP5600 ID Card Printers.

Fargo 84520 YMCIKH color ribbons are ideal for use with cards with difficult-to-print-to card surfaces. The H panel helps the HDP film bond to surfaces that are not made of PVC, such as polycarbonate or ABS plastic. The H panel ribbon can also help HDP film bond to matte finish surfaces in some instances.

Fargo 84520 YMCIKH color ribbons with inhibit and heat seal panels are a great solution for omitting HDP printing over signature panels, IC chips, surface holograms, and magnetic stripes and ensuring HDP film adheres to the rest of the card surface.

This ribbon works on Fargo HDP5600 ID Card Printers.


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