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ELATEC TWN3 MIFARE NFC 13.56Mhz Contactless Reader with USB.

The TWN3 MIFARE NFCtransponder reader is designed for easy integration into various applications.

The device supports eitherUSB or RS232 communication just in dependence on the connection cable and isavailable as ready-to-connect desktop reader in a slim line black or whitehousing or as a OEM board (PCB) without housing for direct integration intoembedded applications. Readers can be programmedwith a script language for autonomous execution of even complex commands likelogin procedures, increment/decrement functions and many more.

The Secure Access Module(SAM) is supported for enhanced security and cryptographic performance. Thisenables the application to perform secure transactions, e.g. payment terminalsetc.

Additional features for OEMPCB version:

  • 5 V serial TTL interface
  • 2 General Purpose Outputs

Technical Details:


Material ABS UL94-V0, colour black or white




Desktop Reader: 88mm x 56mm x 18mm / 3.5inch x 2.2inch x 0.7inch

Power Supply

5V 10% via communication cable (USB); serial version requires external power supply

Supply current

65mA typ. (USB, normal operation); 120mA peak

Temperature Range

Storage: -45C up to +85C (-49F up to 185F) Operating:-25C up to +80C (-13F up to 176F)


PCB Aircoil

R/W Distance

up to 100 mm / 4 inch (depending on transponder)

Host Interfaces

USB, RS232. The OEM board supports both and an additional serial TTL interface via a separate connector

OS Support

Windows XP,7,8 and 10; Vista,7(32/64 bit), 8, 8.1 and Linux

Communication Parameters

USB: Full speed (12 MBit)

RS232: Baudrate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600

Parity: none, even, odd

Modes of Operation

USB keyboard emulationUSB virtual COM port (bi-directional communication) Direct access to built-in RFID module (transparent mode)

Supported Transponders:

ISO1443A;Mifare Classic 1K & 4K, MIFARE Classic 1k & 4k EV14), Mini, DESFireEV13), Plus S&X, Pro X, SmartMX, Ultralight, Ultralight EV14), Ultralight C, NTAG2xx4); SLE44R35, SLE66Rxx (my-d move), LEGIC Advant1), PayPass2) ; ISO14443B: Calypso2), CEPAS2), Moneo2), PicoPass2), SRI512, SRT512, SRI4K, SRIX4K; ISO18092/NFC:NFC Forum Tag Type 1-4; Sony FeliCa1)


CE, Australia, EAC,FCC, IC, RoHS-II compliant


Approximately 15g (without housing)


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