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Evolis Avansia (RTCL009NAA) Retransfer FILM | 500 image prints

Evolis Avansia (RTCL009NAA) Retransfer FILM | 500 image prints


High Trust 500 print genuine Evolis Retransfer film for the Evolis Avansia Photo ID Card printer.

You can use Evolis Clear Transfer Film for all single and double-sided card printing on the Avansia Retransfer printer.

This RTCL009NAA transfer film ribbon is a continuous varnish with registration marks to line-up perfectly to the edges of your cards.

The Evolis retransfer printer prints an image with the colour ribbons onto the transfer film. The printed film is then bonded to the surface of the card. Therefore the printed image is locked in between the transfer film and the card.

An adhesive cleaning roller is provided with each transfer film which should be installed each time you change the film.


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